There was no doubt in my mind what we needed to do to grow our business. Advertising with TTHA has taken our business to a new level. The impact was immediate and the folks at Trophy Hunters are great to work with!
Michael Marbach
Christian Outdoor Alliance

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters® is in its 49th year as a leading outdoor publication. As a magazine that covers the year-round hunting opportunities that Texas has to offer, you’ll find articles on whitetail and mule deer, feral hogs, aoudad, turkey, predators, exotics, and more. Let us show you why The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters is referred to as ”The Voice of Texas Hunting®”, and how loud that voice speaks through every issue!

• The most recognizable hunting publication in Texas.
• Considered as keepsakes, The Journal provides advertisers impressions long beyond the publication date.
• Educational, informative, entertaining – The Journal has it all!

Full Color1x3x6x
Full Page$2,505$2,316$1,950
2/3 Page$2,000$1,856$1,650
1/2 Page$1,622$1,505$1,325
1/3 Page$1,252$1,162$1,025
1/6 Page$703$649$575
Round-Up Ad$350 per
Cover Positions6x
Cover 2 (Inside Front)$3,925
Cover 3 (Inside Back)$3,925
Cover 4 (Outside Back)$4,775

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters® outsells the top Outdoor Titles with

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