Texas Ranks #1 in Hunter Participation
1.2 Million *
Texas Hunters Spend
$2.1 Billion Annually †
Texas Ranks #1 in Sportsmen Participation
3.4 Million †
Texas Sportsmans Spend
$5 Billion Annually †
Time Texans Spend Hunting
20.3 Million Days Hunting Annually * *
Texas Has Non Resident Attraction Power
210,000 Non-Resident Annually *‡
* US Fish and Wildlife Service National Hunting License Data. 2018
† Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation Sportsman’s Economic Impact Report
– America’s Sporting Heritage: Fueling the American Economy. 2013
* * Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation. 2012
‡ US Fish and Wildlife Service National Fishing License Data. 2018


Hunters in Texas and across the United States greatly support the economy. Their support and spending helps to employ people in many industries. Through retail spending and license sales, hunters drastically impact local economies in a positive way. Hunting expenditures reach totals of nearly $27 Billion annually across the United States. We will help you capture part of that annual spending and reach this audience.