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TTHA will film and produce a total of 8 Short Films (11) minutes a film.

Storytellers has made 2 million impressions during the year of 2023!


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Our title partner
receives the most
visibility across
all our platforms.
For the Season
  • One Spot is Available for the season.

Commercial Partnership

Our commercial partner receives significant impressions across our television and digital platform.
For the Season
  • Three Spots Available for the season.

Billboard Partnership

Billboard partners are
included in every
episode for the
entire season.
For the Season
  • Billboard are included in every episode.

Product Partnership

Product partners have
placement of product
in the particular
episode of Storytellers.
per episode
  • Product partnership is episode specific.

These short films will be featured on Waypoint TV, CarbonTV, and Youtube, as well as at the Hunters Extravaganzas with the ability for the partner to have signage throughout the show promoting the short film. Partners will receive the ability to be placed in our premier section on the Hunters Extravaganza show floor.